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About Us

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TrueFX brings you real, dealable prices from market making banks, delivered directly with no intermediary. With TrueFX, everyone with an Internet connection has access to clean, untouched liquidity, direct from leading market makers. TrueFX offers streaming real-time, tick-by-tick bid/offer currency rates for free. It also provides access to a database of historical tick-by-tick bid/offer currency rates without charge.

We decided on this name because of the uniqueness of transparent, clean, untouched liquidity in the FX market. We call it TrueFX because it is the real thing - rates directly from major market makers – published and available for everyone to see.

You might ask: "Why are you doing this?"

In short, because we think it is the right thing to do. FX has historically been a rather opaque market with uneven access to liquidity and tools to effectively participate and win. We believe that by lowering the barriers to entry, reducing costs and friction and by increasing transparency the FX market will dramatically expand and attract more participants.

We can do this because Integral is not a broker, bank or active market participant. Integral is a neutral technology provider. We have always used our technology to help market participants build their businesses, reach their goals and provide the most sophisticated trading environment to their users. We have a history of pushing the envelope in foreign exchange technology: We built the first multi-sided trading network and offer all our products as on demand services. In that spirit, we decided to build TrueFX.

Still have questions? Get a more in-depth view of TrueFX with our Frequently Asked Questions.

* Forex trading involves the substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. The statements made in no way imply that the FSA, CFTC, NFA or any other regulator has endorsed Integral to provide the services discussed.